AEJ Board

International Board AEJ

At the European level, the AEJ is governed by a democratic structure consisting of the General Assembly and board.  At the 2022 AEJ General Assembly in Greece the following officers were elected for a 2-year term.

President:  Isaia Tsaousidou 

Freelance journalist based in Greece.                  Editor-in-chief of Eurozoi and Hephaestus Wien. Professor at a private school of journalism.              Vice-president of the International AEJ October 2010- February 2021.                                                    Treasurer of AEJ International 2004-2010.        President of the Greek AEJ section.




Secretary General:  Edward Steen

Formerly a columnist at the FT, then foreign feature writer at the Sunday Telegraph, London.                                Helped establish the Independent and was its founding editor for Central and Eastern Europe.                          Later a political adviser at the European Parliament.            Educated in Africa, France, and at Cambridge University. Lives in Vienna.


Vice-President: Javier F.Arribas

Freelance political analyst for TVE, CNN+ and Telemadrid.  Formerly news and programme editor of Punto Radio (Vocento).                                                            Member of executive committee of AEJ Spain since 2004.    Vice-president of AEJ International since October 2010.





Vice-President: Giuseppe Jacobini

Journalist writing for Italian newspapers on economics and finance. Former chief editor of RAI, an author, TV presenter and economic columnist of international television programmes.                                            Worked in partnership with “The Economist”.            University professor of political and economic journalism.                                                      Founded and still directs Il GiornaleEuropeo.

Vice-President:  Tibor Macák

Editor and commentator for public Slovak radio and television RTVS foreign news desk.                    Formerly correspondent of public Slovak news Agency TASR in Germany and covered foreign politics for Slovak print media.                                                    Secretary of AEJ Slovakia since 2008.                  Secretary general of AEJ International 2012-2021.


Treasurer:  Pat Humphreys

Author of books on economic and political affairs and a blog on transport policy.                                    Formerly a news writer for Reuters, London; then a business editor for YLE, Helsinki.                            Lives in Finland.

Representative for Brussels:   Gian Paolo Accardo

Editor of the multilingual European news and debate website Voxeurop. Also contributes to Internazionale. Previously deputy news editor of Courrier international and correspondent for the press agency TMNews.          A vice-president of AEJ France.                                Lives between Brussels and Paris.


Representative for Media Freedom:  Kyriakos Pieridis

Political and diplomatic editor covering European Affairs for various Cypriot media.                                        Now a freelance journalist working for and Politis.                                                                  Founding member of the OPEK Association for Social Reform.                                                              Author of The European Union in Today’s World, 2015.